About Us


     The Country Boy Superette started out in 1974 as

the only truck stop & small grocery store in the area.

  Another small gas station in the area got robbed at

gunpoint and three people were killed.  This scared

the crap out of the original owner, so he sold it to my

grandmother Barbara Sue and my grandfather Paul

Bailey only a few months after opening.  All the old

farmers would come in at 6am and have their morning

coffee with Paul while Barbara slaved away in the

kitchen cooking them biscuits and gravy or fried egg

sandwiches.  Within a year of buying the place, I was

born.  As a kid I would raid the candy aisle with my

brother and cousins.  We would ride the school bus to

the store and clean the parking lot, stock the shelves

and wear out the Ghost & Goblins arcade game. 

     Along the way, my grandparents bought the

property next door and built Brackeen Trailer Sales.

  Paul got the exclusive dealer rights to sell the top of the line steel body trailers, WW Trailers, which we still sell to this day.  When Paul passed in the mid-90s, Barbara Sue sold the Country Boy, but kept the Trailer Sales.  My hero, Uncle Gam, started working at the Trailer Sales as the shop man when they opened the doors, and worked his way up to running the company.  You can still stop by every day and listen to his tales of the glory days or get a wonderful history lesson from Barbara Sue.  

     Here's where I come along...  I grew up working in the store and the shop and doing construction with my other grandfather, Eugene.  In my early 20s I left small town McKinney for the big city life of Deep Elum.  Within a few months of living there, I got this wild idea to build a bar, which ended up being a 7400sqf nightclub, Club Rapture.  I guess I got the bug, because I ended up opening up two more clubs within 2 years.  Then... Deep Ellum crashed.  I moved back to McKinney and built a couple of restaurants and bars, and opened Cadillac Pizza Pub with Uncle Gam and Barbara Sue as partners.  We sold the place in 2008 and I got knee deep in the bar/restaurant construction business again.  I built another small nightclub in Deep Ellum and won the "BEST NEW BAR IN DALLAS" in 2011.  A couple of weeks later the damn landlord sold the building out from under me and put me out of business.  Once again, I'm back to building bars & restaurants.  Finally, in 2015 I roll the dice again and build EASTBOUND & DOWN ICE HOUSE on Ross Avenue in Dallas.  The city was giving me all kinds of crap on my kitchen permits, so I bought a food truck as my kitchen.  I had never been in a food truck before and for blindly buying one, I found out really fast that these things are hotter than hell in the Texas summer.  A year-and-a-half down the road, City Of Dallas finally lets me build a kitchen! 

     The old short bus food truck has to go and she ends up in the yard at Brackeen Trailer Sales. After a few months of looking at her setting around I decided to get some permits and see how I could do selling BBQ.  It was a hit!  I finally figured what this food truck craze was all about.  Things took off!  I'm selling BBQ like it's going out of style.  Next thing you know, I'm getting invited to sell BBQ at the Sturgis biker rally and the State Fair of Texas. This little short bus food truck of mine just isn't going to be big enough to do these huge events. Being the construction guy I am, I bought a great big Freightliner Box Truck with a good ol' Cummins Diesel engine and built it out myself.  She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  I hit the local breweries, bars, private parties and basically got knee deep in the food truck business.  Every place I went people were asking me where I got the truck.  I gave people the dime tour and informed them that I built it myself.  Next thing I know, I'm building food trucks for everyone, and at a fraction of the price of the average food truck. 

     Things came full circle and all the years of construction, all the years in the service industry and all the connections I have made through this journey have brought me right back home to the original location of the Country Boy.  So, here we are, paying respect to my family history by continuing the "Country Boy" name.  Country Boy Food Trucks is open for business and ready to build you your very own food truck business!